Wednesday, April 19, 2017


 The Phillip Island & District Railway Modellers Inc. have found a permanent home at last !
 Work has started on the New Layout
 The frame work is going up
 Each week it gets bigger,
 &  Bigger !
 It certainly is looking good !
Watch this Space & we will keep You up to date with our Progress !

23 - 4 -2017       SEE  PHOTOS BELOW & PROGRESS REPORT   It's all happening at the Club.

 Pete's Report:-

Probably a dozen or so members passed through the doors today, some came early, some late, some left early, some late.  No clocking on with this club.

Progress not as spectacular as last week as we got into the nitty gritty of squaring the base frame to fit the sheets, and laying out the bulbous ends.  However, those of us still there at the end looked at the results and declared it a good day's work.  Others took piccies and these can probably be found somewhere.

Next week we get to set the boards at the right heights and grades.


Don't forget that we do have a layout.  While some of us are in the pool room making sawdust, this is a great opportunity for every one else to run trains on that layout that we nearly got finished.  Indeed, pushing George's name for it (the learning curve, if you forgot) to the next step, if you are not entirely comfortable with the whims and nuances of DCC then the next few months are ideal for coming to grips with things at your own pace.  The experts are available for help in the next room, but not right on the spot making you feel under pressure.  And if you are on top of the world of Digitrax, then just run trains - it's what model railway people do!  

Above all, don't be embarrassed that you are not personally working on our new layout while other people are . There is no rule that says that every one has to have the same skills and ambitions, and the world would be a dull place if we did have.

And those photos that some one else took - Geoff flick passed them to Jack, and now they are on our web site.  Just Google PIADRM and it is amazing what turns up, don't forget our Facebook Page for more interesting Train related information.

30 - 4 - 2017         See Peter's Points Below :-

Hi All

Not sure how many rocked up today - Alan would know, he put out the chairs at tea break.

Rod is a regular, but not usually in uniform.  He came straight from a combined emergency services exercise at cliff rescue.

Barry made his swansong visit, prior to leaving the Island and moving to be nearer to family the other side of Geelong.
​ ​
Best wishes in your future home from all of us.

Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about the tea break (apart from Helen's cake
was a forewarning from David that our Inverloch members plan to have another open day in (probably) June.  Specifically for those who didn't make it last time, but all welcome.

Wondering if we did any work?  Sure did.  There must have been more than a dozen of us working away, and not falling over each other - it was wonderful.  Our previous home was called "The Long Room", but it might just as accurately have been called "The Narrow Room".
​Latest p
​are on
the PIADRM web page.
​ ( .  Real progress is being achieved on the new layout, so come along and have a look.

I think that Helen had plenty of elbow room, as she took the opportunity to get in some loco time on the old layout. Don't forget that the track can handle one straight DC loco, as well as our DCC locos if you want to bring in your own - or there is that stable of Club DCC units that you can run.

David Hall reports that the Grossard Court men's group display of their railway activities was a hit with old and young, and the ladies, and sends their thanks for the loan of the Club's Thomas, Clarabelle and Annie.  Any time, boys.

See you on the 7th


7 - 5 - 2017

Hi All

Another good day - in several different directions.  Put the following items of goodness into your own priority.
​Our home layout 
visit to Inverloch is now set for July 2nd
Derek's place around 10.30am, then on to David
s at noon.  Partners welcome, tucker, tea and coffee provided.
Geoff the Sec and Dale went to the Clubrooms on Thursday to meet with Alan Droscher and the council man to look over our new arrangements.  
ll was then resolved to everybody's satisfaction.  
he door by the long room is
​now ​
deemed to be a satisfactory fire exit,
we will shortly be able to lock the pool room door
​. The
council is going to relocate the emergency exit signs to their satisfaction.
​It's comforting to know that our arrangements with Cowes Senior Citizens Club and Bass Council are now agreed and the train club's future is so much more secure.  The
CSCC committee acknowledge that we are a key group in the future of the Club.   There are some rules about what can and cannot be put in various places, but these are all workable.
And what did the eleven of us get up to on the day?  Mostly carpentry in various forms.  The good news is that every one left still fitted with the same number of fingers that they brought in.  The pool room door was fitted with its new hinges and a new lock, and now opens flat against the inner wall.  The electrical fire extinguisher was relocated from behind the door to near the circuit breaker panel.  At tea, Derek talked about proposals for our new point control panels, and was reminded that the Club layout is HO, not N, so things are twice as far apart as he is accustomed to.
Geoff the Sec has threatened to come in one day during the week to turn the baseboards brown, until he runs out of paint.  
ext week is Mother's Day, so numbers will be down, but the room
will be open.


​14/05/2017   Peter's Points​

Hi All,

As predicted
​, a 
band of only six railway warriors turned up on Mothers Day.  That was not a problem until tea time , when we discovered that a) Helen was not one of the six, and b) Alan Droscher had failed to fill the CSCC biccie tins.  I really don't know how we made it through the rest of the day.

Before that minor glitch, we had arrived to find that Dale and Geoff the Sec had called in earlier in the week and turned the layout base into a glorious swathe of colour - brown(ish).  Actually, that's a good thing - it hides pencil marks.  Or is that always a good thing?  Anyway, there was Rod, hammer in hand, hopping from one foot to the other, so a pencil X marked the spot and the first spike was driven, duly recorded  by Derek's camera.  The four tracks through the new Stanley Creek have now been laid.  Then, late in the day, Rod could not not make sense of the dimensions that I had given him.  Neither could I, until I realised that the dimensions of the baseboard (as built) did not match the dimensions of the baseboard (as drawn).  Fortunately, it was late in the day, so we called it close of play.  Track plans are now at Revision A.  

In the interim, corners were rounded.  Internal one filled, external ones removed.  Tables have been removed from the outer walk around area.   In the far east, the track base carried on with its journey from the high level and arrived at the low level.  

In the long room, George continued to wage war with the Digitrax system and succeeded in giving one of his locos a four digit address.  Not until he asked for help did I realise that the DT 402 throttle has both a button marked "R" and a knob marked "R".   My notes say to press the knob.  George found the button and pressed that.  We can now confirm that  the button just does not do the job.  The knob does.  As I have said before - this is the ideal opportunity to come in and use our old layout to get up to speed with the system at your own pace.

At the end of the day we threw all the offcuts in a box, put the tools away (mostly) and vacuumed the sawdust off the carpet.  It's looking good, folks.

See some of you on the 21st.


21 - 05 - 2017         Peter's Points
                                                             The Gang getting stuck into it !

Hi All,

Of course, with twice as many members here as last week, I only know half as much about what went on.

Geoff the Pres was first in, if not best dressed.  He set to investigating the lock on the pool room door, and finally pronounced that it could not be modified to meet the Shire specs for an exit door, and he will source a different one.  We can use this one on our store room door, so all is not lost.  Then came our far eastern members - we kept David equipped with circular saw, jig saw and tenon saw and he had a merry afternoon cutting things to bits.  Derek huddled with Greg (who arrived about the same time) and talked about things that the rest of us would prefer to ignore - electric stuff.  Helen and Judy, Rod, Geoff the Sec, Jack and Alan were there, making themselves useful or a nuisance as the mood took them.

Rod and GtS eventually made sense of my scribblings regarding the track at the N end of Stanley Creek and got some points and track laid.  A fairly major triumph was to get the base cut to strips where the track on the west side has to rise to the high level (the rise has yet to happen).  This has also freed up the outer part of the baseboards so that the branchline people can start to figure out levels and grades in that part of the country.

Then we cleaned things up and went home.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OPEN DAY Sunday 7th. June 2015 10 am. to 4pm. at the Senior Citizen's Club Rooms in Cowes, Vic.

There will be a Sausage Sizzle, Cake Stalls and Afternoon Tea available on the Day. Just a $2-00 entry fee to inspect the Clubs progress and to see all our layouts running. It will be a great Family Day, we hope to see you at our mini Train Show ! Check out this Website for directions on how to get there.
Too late You have missed a very successful Day & a good time was had by All.
 Things are coming along nicely for our Open Day, on the Queen's Birthday Weekend.
 The back ground is looking great !
 The Cemetery & buildings in the fore ground.
 The dam looks real, lucky we have an artist in the Club. Come along and inspect the good work.

 It's all coming together, for the Open Day !
 The tracks disappear into the scenery.
 How to deal with a corner.
Still a bit to do until the Open Day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bus Trip to Peter's On30 Layout, Sunday 6-04-2014

It was a great day out on Sunday 6th. April. The bus left Phillip Island at 11 am. picking up Club members along the way to Leongatha.  We had lunch at Mc.Donald's and then on to our destination, the On30 Layout designed and built by Peter Annison.
 On30 is O scale trains running on HO track,  this is real narrow gauge modelling, the track gauge is 30 inches, which equals 2 foot 6 inches; just the right size for Puffing Billy modelling! Here are some pictures of the outing.

This is where it all happens

 A beautiful Afternoon Tea and then farewell until the next visit.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Very Generous Donations to our Club by the Locke Family.

These pictures are of the Layout that was Donated to us by the Locke Family, late last year. The pictures were taken at our Train Show on the 11th. & 12th. of January 2014, as you can see we have added a nice blue skirt around it and a monument on the hill, in the back ground. One of our Members has taken it home to give it a bit of TLC until its next Show.
The Layout was built by Geoffrey Locke and he is very proud of it, as most of it is hand made. We would like to thank the Locke Family for their very generous donation.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

26th. May 2013 Meeting of the P. I. Railway Modellers, things are really Happening!

George has done wonders with this corner

Doesn't it look great

Building for against the wall

Our bridge with back ground scenery

Wall & tunnel mouth

another place for a tunnel

The back ground scenery looks good

Some of the DCC wiring

Jack brought along some of his G scale rolling stock for Show & Tell

Peter sucking it up!

The alterations continue on the N scale layout

The fascia board going on the Club DCC layout

The Boys hard at work on the N scale layout

Thing are really taking shape on the DCC layout
New track work

New track on the N scale layout

Judy ironing on the Club Logos to our shirts

The corner scenery up close

Track view of the corner scenery

The fascia going on the DCC layout

Train at the station, DCC layout

The Gang  at work

Working on the Club layout

Sometimes we try & keep the mess outside

Working in the fresh air

It's all happening

Too many Chiefs & not enough Indians

Control panels DCC Club layout

One of the control units for the layout

The nice Station on the DCC layout

A train at the Station

Two double deckers just fit through tht tunnel

It looks good

Retaining wall

Love that scenery

Bridge and sceenery

Station over view

Another angle

That magnifying glass is handy on the N scale layout

and again

I think the new module fits

The boys hard at work

Tunnel mouths for the N scale layout

The new module has track

and it joins up perfectly

The wiring is hard to see also

Geoff theVice President looks on with approval !